5 Types of People You’re Likely to Meet While Travelling

No matter which corner of this world you choose to travel to or how different you intend your experience to be, you’re likely to meet one (sometimes more) of these while travelling, for sure.

1. The Typical Tourist

This person can be recognized by the things he carries -a local map, an itinerary and a fanny pack. He usually travels in a large group, sometimes wearing a common group tee shirt. This is the kind of person who will click that famous ‘trick photo’ which looks like he is pushing the leaning tower. He will stick to the famous tourist spots and refuse to improvise, or try anything new.


How to handle them: Be careful with how much you mingle with them, because you might suddenly be a part of their group. However, be cordial since these people usually have a lot of food stocked.

2. The Female Prison-Escapees

These, usually seen in herds, are a bunch of girls who have travelled together, usually for the first time. They’re the most energetic people on the trip. Identified by their screeching noises and loud make up, these may either be young girls who have just turned old enough to travel with their girlfriends, or older housewives who have decided to travel with their kitty party hens. This trip is the first time they’ve broken away from the shackles laid down by society, and they will go to great lengths to make sure it’s worth it.

photo: www.colourbox.com
photo: www.colourbox.com

How to handle them: Positivity is infectious, but it can also be a pain. You may have to lay down the limits if things get too noisy, but try and enjoy their youthful exuberance. Don’t be too rude to them, as they usually have the best photos from the trip!

3. The Parent(s)

Every social group has at least one person (or a couple) who ends up being the responsible caretaker. During a trip, these people are extremely useful. They’re the poor people who are often called “boring”, but are also the ones responsible for making sure everyone gets back on time, and in one piece. They’re identified by their large bags, which contain everything from a deodorant to a first aid kit.

Picture: c1.staticflickr.com
Picture: c1.staticflickr.com

How to handle them: Don’t disappoint them, because we all know how little it takes for loving parents to turn into monsters. There is a reason such caring people have decided to travel with people younger/less responsible than them. So, try and make these people loosen up and enjoy, even if it’s not in their true nature.

4. The Couple

This is the detached party of the group. They don’t interact with anyone and are easily identified by the excess PDA.

Picture: cdn.ymaservices.com
Picture: cdn.ymaservices.com

How to handle them: Don’t be judgmental. They may be a married couple with kids who are trying to rekindle their romance, or just two people in love wanting to spend some time together. Try and involve them a couple of times (Eg: by offering to click a photo of them) to make sure they aren’t just introverts, and then give them their space.

 5. The Advice Factory

This is the experienced traveller. He has been to so many countries, that people suspect he is a UN ambassador. Can be easily identified by his words, he is usually the person who will claim that Somalia is a much better tourist destination than Paris.

Picture: mediterraneanbeaches.com
Picture: http://mediterraneanbeaches.com/

How to handle them: Don’t neglect them. Often, they may feel that their knowledge is the only means to fit in, so always be nice and hey, who knows, you may learn a thing or two!

So brace yourself. You may just have to deal with unwelcome conversations, food and friends.