6 places you should TOTALLY do it in!

Oh isn’t it just the best thing in the world? Gives you your share of exercise, helps you de-stress, borders on meditation, and makes you happy, so incredibly happy! And what’s more, it’s recommended as therapy!!! You don’t really need any real reason to indulge in it other than the sheer pleasure it elicits—a fiesta for all your senses. And you can do it just about anywhere! Don’t believe us? Just read on and you’ll have that mind racing!

In the veranda or on the terrace blog 1To make this fun, we suggest you break conventions…there’s no one to stop you! Leave that bedroom for now and get out on the terrace. You’ve probably got a bottle of bubbly ready to go! So go on, pour a glass and get at it while you sip away. Ah the pleasures of multitasking!

blog 2Get a little crazy by doing it right there! Fold your legs, hold it in your hands, and whip away!

In the living area, on the couch
blog 3
Get some music going, dim that lighting, and set the mood to make yourself feel oh so good! Don’t forget, it’s always important to feel good while you’re doing this!
blog 4And if there happens to be a fireplace there, ah, nothing like it! While the fire crackles in the hearth, you might break a sweat, but that’s okay…

On the dining table blog 5

Ah, c’mon, don’t be BORING! The dining table is a great place to get that groove going, what with the shiny smooth polished surface ensuring no one gets hurt!

blog 6Easy to clean up too, just in case you get messy!

By the poolblog 7

Why not? A little water therapy never hurt anyone! The indoors could get a bit stuffy. That cabana sure looks inviting, or even those pretty Victorian chairs on the deck!

blog 8Ah, the grass is super soft too!

And of course, in the bedroom  blog 10Did you think we were gonna miss out on the bedroom? No way! But no, not on the bed please! Don’t stain those sheets, what with their crazy thread count! That’s why there are couches! Or even the study table or the chair that goes with it. A little change goes a long way.

<img class=" wp-image-5797 aligncenter" src="http://i0.wp.com/blog .guesthouser.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/blog-11.jpg?resize=737%2C491″ alt=”blog 11″ data-recalc-dims=”1″ />Just don’t tire yourself out, please. You’re probably almost there, love!

Finally, in the kitchenblog 13

This is where things REALLY heat up and everything FINALLY reaches a climax. You’ve been at it for a bit now, sweaty with effort but so ready to let it all pour out! Trust us, the kitchen is the place your ultimate bliss is ensured.

blog 14If you wanna make it a tad more exciting, now’s the time you decide if you need some extra flavours. No going back from here. Yep, that countertop’s your place! Give it your best shot!

Okay, time to let it pour! Just decide into what.blog 15That’s it, you’re all done! That cake is now baking, baby!

Errrr, yes, we were talking about making the batter and baking a cake all this time!! What did you have in mind?

Go on and get baking now that we’ve given you plenty of inspiration! A little cake made with love never hurt anyone!

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