Brewed to a Perfect “TEA”: Tea-bars and Tours for Tea Afficionados!

tea bar in bangalore

But your tea sojourn doesn’t end here. From the delicate two leaves and a bud to the dark ambrosial mélange in your cup, embark upon the journey of discovering the many flavours of this modest drink. To help you in your quest of the revered chalice, are the many estates & plantations of East and South India, that offers specialised tours.kahovka-service

Surrounded by the fresh and crisp air of the Blue Mountains, this estate is decorated with beautiful wooded hills and lush green blankets of the plantation. While at this place, allow the waiter to acquaint you with the various blends of the fine concoction that they brew. Through their “Cups that cheer” program, you can also sample exclusive silver tips (a variety of tea) and handmade teas for free.

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