Charismatic Kashmir!

Going to the Alps is not everyone’s cup of tea, but we have a place whose beauty is equivalent. Yes, we are talking about Kashmir. Some call it ‘Heaven on Earth’, while for some it is the ‘Switzerland of India’. One has to visit this place to experience nature’s beauty. Here are five factors that make Kashmir so charismatic.


Every shot of Kashmir is like a painting and the houseboats in Srinagar let you enjoy each part of the marvellous view. Srinagar has some of the most beautiful looking houseboats with all the amenities. The rooms here are as good as any 5 star hotel.

Dedicate one of your nights to the comfort of these houseboats.

Dal Lake

One thing you should definitely not miss while visiting Kashmir, is the Shikara ride in Dal lake! Wondering what makes this lake different than the other ones you have seen? Well, ever heard of water farming? Yes or no, either way you have to go, check it out. It is amazing to see vegetation on water.

While on a 4 hour long ride, you’ll notice beautiful water lotuses and a stop over at ‘Char China’. That’s not all though, the ride ends with one of the many water cafes at your disposal where you can enjoy tea, coffee or their patent drink ‘kahwa’.


Gulmarg is a little town that lies in the arms of the Himalayas. It is a cup shaped valley and is mostly covered with snow. So when you are there, don’t forget to carry your snow boots and lots and lots of woollen clothes.

Activities such as skiing, gondola ride and sleighing are among the many things that you can do at Gulmarg. On a lazy day, you could just sit back, sip on some hot kahwa and enjoy the view.

Kashmiri Cuisine

We all have to admit that Eid is one of the most awaited festivals and being in Kashmir is just next to experiencing Eid all throughout the year. So if Mughlai is your thing, then Kashmir is your place.

mutton biryani

Please your tummy with some rich, spicy mutton kofta’s, kebabs and hot steaming biryani; they have all that you crave.

Thikse Monastery

If you wish to dwell into calm and serenity, then Thikse Monastery is the place to be. Feel the peace and enjoy the beauty of mother nature.


This monastery is located on top of a hill, approximately 19 kilometres East of Leh in Ladakh.

So now you know why to go to Kashmir and what to do there. Get a Pashmina shawl, treat yourself with the best food and rejuvenate your mind with the tranquility this place has got to offer.

Pack your bags because this will be one unforgettable trip!