EDM Festivals in India that are Second to None!

The late 90s, rather the 20s brought along a fad not just for digital cameras and mobile phones, but also recognised Electronic Dance Music as a mainstream genre sheltering diverse forms under it’s umbrella. We in India have ascertained our fetish with a large number of big and small EDM festivals taking place all around the country, attended by high-spirited crowds. So if you’ve been out seeking music, here’s a list of events that will let the beat drop.


You’ve got to mention Rang with Holi first! Rang festival has turned out to be the biggest Holi bash ever since it started in 2008. Just like its previous years, this EDM festival is all geared up to give Delhi/NCR their best electronic music experience with performances by AJJA, MAD MAXX and SUN to name a few.

Picture: Rang Facebook Page
Picture: Rang Facebook Page

Rang goes a step beyond music and keeps the theme of Holi intact all throughout with the food, booze and series of events it has in it’s kitty. This is the place to be if you hope for something more than just colour and revelry this festive season.

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One among Asia’s best EDM festivals, Sunburn has definitely been an ‘on the list’ plan for almost all of us while the rest made sure they were a part of this madness Goa comes up with at the end of each year. The three day fest is an ultimate showcase of trance, dubstep, house and electronic dance.

Sunburn EDM Festival India
Picture: Live In Style

The crowd has grooved to the beats of Axwell, Shapeshifters, Infected Mushroom, Paul Van Dyk and many more in due course. Sunburn happens around the best time and at the best place to be in India.

Enchanted Valley Carnival

Ever wished for Utopia of your kind? If yes, then EVC is indeed what you have been looking for. The Aamby valley was surmounted by frenzy and euphoria for three days the Enchanted Valley Carnival took place last December. Be it the hunky DJ David Guetta or the spectacular Indian band Nucleya, they had it all here.

Enchanted Valley Festival India
Picture: Festival Sherpa

The crowd was amazed by the  performances of Brown Coat, Madboy/Mink, Borgore and many more. There is music, there is adventure, there is silent party and then there is after party! Every bit of the three day episode makes sure you experience the best and has left the EDM freaks asking for more!

Beyond Spirit Festival

With it’s inception in the year 2012, Beyond Spirit Festival(BSF) came up with a unique idea of festival route which has emerged to be a big hit since then. Host to open air psychedelic events at big and small cities of the country such as Kasol, Ahmedabad, Dehradun, Indore and many more, Beyond Spirit Festival has demonstrated the flair of artists ranging from Dilated Vibrations, Kuntal Vyas, Dual Shifters, Audiogramme to many more.

Picture: facebook.com/beyondspiritfestival
Picture: facebook.com/beyondspiritfestival

Travel across and be a part of the thirty-six hour long revery BSF comes up with . The venue changes, not the spirit!


A perfect package of Indian and International artists on hand, Go:Madras has spread itself immaculately in the six editions. Mad Maxx, Jim Rivers, Pearl, Shiva Moon, Blank and I can go on and on with names associated with the absolute ecstasy Chennai has experienced since 2009.

Picture: facebook.com/gomadras
Picture: facebook.com/gomadras

Many of us have grooved to the ‘G0:Madras’ anthem MTV Indies came up with. You could not ask for better music, a better panorama or a better experience than what you get at Go:Madras!

With so much happening around there’s no shortage of choices. So take your pick for now before hopping on a flight to Tomorrowland!





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