Essential Tips for New Travellers

We live in a vivid world brimming with possibilities and more often than not people set out to explore and experience them firsthand. For such people, boundaries blur with time and they find themselves immersed in the diverse cultures, traditions and practices of the world. Inspired, you start packing your bags in a quest to set out and explore, but you have so many questions and being your first time, you could be nervous. Fear not! We have some essential tips that are definitely going to help make your trip worthwhile and transform you into a seasoned





Study the map and then throw it back in the suitcase. Travel is not about getting from point A to point B, it’s about the journey in between. While you shouldn’t abandon general safety, there’s nothing wrong with wandering down that charming cobblestoned side street or taking a detour to dip your toes in the sea.





In the end, shed your inhibitions and truly become a part of the place you are in. Make the most of your trip, create memorable moments; and then, pick the next spot on the map and head out!