Fifteen Things to do in 2015 (Part Two)

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9. River Rafting, Rishkesh

Picture: S.T. Wangdi
Picture: S.T. Wangdi

Rishikesh is where the holy river Ganges cases its mammoth force and morphs into a tranquil stream. But this transition creates friction, enough for adventure sports enthusiasts to push forth and test their zeal for rafting.

Best time to visit: March-April/October-November

10. Sky Diving


The idea of jumping off a plane, flying at height of 12000 ft, might sound absurd to many, but awesome to a pack of insane danger junkies who are eager to have their adrenaline rise beyond limits. The extreme sport of skydiving has gained phenomenal popularity in a short interval of time; Mysore(Karnataka), Dhana(MP), Pondicherry and Amba Valley(Maharashtra) are places that offer skydiving in India.

Best time to visit: Anytime except monsoon season.

11. Second coldest place in the world!

Dras_Abdul Qadir
Picture: Abdul Qadir


Situated in the Kargil district of Jammu & Kashmir, Dras is known to be the coldest place in India (second coldest in the world after Siberia) with temperature that dip to -45°C during winters. The reasons to explore Dras could be a pit stop while on the move towards Ladakh (often refered as ‘The Gateway to Ladakh’) and a base for trekking enthusiasts heading to Suru Valley. Also, you should  visit the Dras War Memorial to  laud the sacrifices made by the 1200 martyrs of the 1999 Kargil War.

Best time to visit: June- September.

12. Into the Wild 


Sunderbands, the world’s largest delta, is spread across an area of 1,300 sq kms. and is home a diverse range of flora and fauna including the Great Bengal Tiger. This national park cum tiger reserve, is densely covered by mangroves and by marshland is the perfect place for those who wish to observe wild life from close proximity.

Best time to visit: September-February

13. The Taj Mahal, Agra

Picture: Wazari Wazir
Picture: Wazari Wazir

This mausoleum doesn’t require any introduction, the fact that Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the world is reason enough to visit for people who are planning a trip to India. Even ghar ke log who are delaying their visit, should not wait and instead go witness the grand structure built of affection and love.

Best time to visit: Nothing’s better than to watch the Taj glow in a full moon.

14. The Ghost Town of India

Picture: Prabhu B Doss
Picture: Prabhu B Doss

Situated in south-east region of Pamban Island (Tamil Nadu), Dhanushkodi got the status of  ‘The Ghost Town of India’ after a cyclone of velocity 270 km/h hit the place in 1963, it consumed every establishment in town along with the lives of 128 passengers boarded in a train that was entering the railway station.

Dhanushkodi’s silence and the ruins of establishments give you a chill up your spine. Its captivating beauty, significance in Hindu mythology (proximity to the Adam’s Bridge or Ram Sethu) and beaches that mark the merging of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean add to its charm.

Best time to visit: February-March/ November-December

15. Go Goa!


Goa is home to mesmerizing beaches, churches that reflect architectural brilliance, delicious and abundant seafood and a mixed Goan – Portuguese culture which combine to make it one of the most distinct states of India. In addition, the frequent cultural and music festivals make you sway in a state of eternal bliss.

What could be a better way to bid adieu to an outstanding year other than raising a toast with your loved ones in the party capital of the country? Yes, beer is the cheapest over here!

Best time to visit: November-February

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