Five Types of Friends who Make Trips Awesome!

Everyone has one group of people they go to when they need a getaway. You’ll call them on a Thursday night and by Friday, you’ll be driving down to the beach or a hill station. These friends are your best buddies, someone who’ll tolerate your horrid jokes and laugh when you fall. And once you’ve been on a vacation together, it becomes very easy to classify them as a certain type of person.

The Mother Hen

Now these are the most easily identified friends. She’ll be the last one to sleep, the one who wakes up with the alarm and then proceeds to wake each and every one of you sloths. She’ll be dressed and ready to chase the day.

She’s the one who pushes a towel into your hands and throws you inside a bathroom. She’ll pack up your last tidbits and make sure your phone is charged, the camera lens is clean and the bed is made.
Lets just say that if the Mother Hen didn’t make it to the trip, y’all are gonna be one hot mess.

The Culinary Expert

This friend, well, everybody loves him. He brings the best food to the table and his chicken roll is a must for every weekend you are out traveling. He’s the one who volunteers to go make the Maggi and fried eggs at 4 A.M, and even if you offer to help, the rest of your group will make sure you don’t.

No one likes burnt egg and biscuit dry Maggi, you know? If ever he’s upset, you’ll find him munching his way through a packet of chocolates in a corner of the room. He’s the one chooses the restaurant, who picks your meal, places the order and critiques the food.

 The Designated Driver

He’s the one with the swanky car, the fueled up engine. He’ll drive you through the most beautiful of routes, take the quickest shortcuts and make unnecessarily fun pit stops. Don’t offer to drive unless you see him tired, he’ll be offended that you’re undermining his driving skills. Give him a seemingly empty highway, and it’s his racing circuit.

He’ll refuse the GPS, avoid the maps and ignore any suggestions of that shortcut. The best part about him, is he’s always ready to talk to you about the most random things, as long as you’re the one in the front seat, doing most of the talking.

Hey, Mr.DJ!

I mean, the name’s pretty much what they are. This friend is the guy who puts life into the party. He’ll give your trip a soundtrack. There will be that one song he knows will click with everybody. And then there’s also the best music to drive with, the best music you eat to.

The possibilities of your trip making you nostalgic five years down the line depends heavily on the music played by this friend you’ll travel with. He has the best headphones and every genre of music possible. Of course, don’t go and butt in while he’s working his magic, please. You don’t want the Fight Club soundtrack to start playing. You know what happens then.

The Camera Guy

And you obviously need one friend who’s going to document every moment of your trip. Take the selfie. Make that silly face. Laugh as loud as you can, because somewhere your friend will be clicking away, capturing all your memories into one camera.

The power of photography and impromptu photo shoots at the broken down petrol pump are his thing. All he wants is some people, a scenery and a clean lens.

..and then there’s you. The party girl, the Netflix boy. The campfire maker, the guitar player. No matter where you go or what you do, the five of these friends you’ll travel with are the ones you’ll never forget.