“Hymn for the Weekend” with a Home for the Weekend, Under Rs. 5000!


Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend


Coldplay in Mumbai


So you are all set for the big concert—flight booked, concert tickets done, and excitement level up and raging! If you were fortunate enough to win free tickets for the concert, well, we envy you. And those of you who had to put in some big bucks, we have something to make your Mumbai trip burn a smaller hole in your pocket! Whether you want to stay close to the concert venue in Bandra or are comfortable with commuting if that means you get a cheaper place to stay, we have it all for you!

Here’s five places in Bandra that offer comfortable rooms under Rs. 5000.


When you just need to crash and give those weary legs some rest

Book it here: https://www.guesthouser.com/properties/rooms/40599


If you’re a couple of couples who want to stay together

Book it here: https://www.guesthouser.com/properties/rooms/60136


If you’re a bunch of friends who cannot bear to be separated

Book it here: https://www.guesthouser.com/properties/rooms/7529


When you want a little more than basic

Book it here: https://www.guesthouser.com/properties/rooms/13600


For those who like it homely

Book it here: https://www.guesthouser.com/properties/rooms/60141


Simple and convenient, just what you need after a night of crazy!

Book it here: https://www.guesthouser.com/properties/rooms/13592


Now for those of you who don’t mind the distance much and seek an accommodation that can help you save some moolah! While Coldplay “fixes you” for a memorable evening, we can fix you up with some accommodations you could stay in for as little as under Rs. 3000!

Malad (West)

Elegant interiors, a comfy room, a shared living space, and a balcony with a great view of the city skyline, this is one deal you that must not miss!

Book it here: https://www.guesthouser.com/properties/rooms/60130


Andheri (East)

Not too far from Bandra, this is a cosy room that is guaranteed to give you sound sleep post the party!

Book it here: https://www.guesthouser.com/properties/rooms/647


Andheri (West)

Simple and sophisticated, the room is ideal for a short stay over the weekend!

Book it here: https://www.guesthouser.com/properties/rooms/13888



Feel right at home, even when you’re away from it!

Book here: https://www.guesthouser.com/properties/rooms/13019



The rooms in this boutique property are well furnished with all necessities you may ask for and are priced to suit your pocket!

Book here: https://www.guesthouser.com/properties/rooms/12831


What are you waiting for? Book your GuestHouser home and you are set to sway to ‘Hymn for the weekend’!