Spending a Weekend in the Smallest Country in Africa!

Beachy destinations, tropical islands and unblemished sands have dotted our planet since time immemorial, and yet my dogged search for that perfect elusive beach remained; the Utopian destination DiCaprio so feverishly sought in the 2000 Hollywood thriller, ‘The Beach’. Lucky enough to have dipped in a few oceans and earn myself a tan at some picturesque locales, the picture-perfect blend of tranquility and majestic seascapes, nonetheless lingered on my bucket list. But when the aircraft touched down in Mahé, Seychelles, I could have sworn, the runway seemed alarmingly identical to the landing strip on ‘Isla Sorna’ (of Jurassic Park fame)!


Home to the international airport and capital Victoria, Mahé is the largest of a 115-island archipelago that collaboratively constitutes the country of Seychelles. A relatively quick taxi ride through the winding streets and vibrant bazaars, soon made me realize what was yet to come. Not long after, I found myself cozying up at the ‘Bel Ombre Jetty’ lounge sipping welcome coconut drinks, whilst waiting to be transferred to the 3rd largest island in the archipelago, Silhouette Island. Once all the guests were aboard the vessel, the ‘Hilton Seychelles Labriz Resort and Spa’ journey was a mesmerizing 35-minute ride over the slightly choppy, but bluest welcoming waters I’d ever seen.

A cup of soothing citronella tea later, the organized staff swiftly whisked guests away on golf carts, and checked me into the King Beachfront Villa I had somewhat spontaneously, splurged on. To be honest, I enjoy travelling alone, and the serenity that comes as an added bonus fuels my very sanity and gives me the patience to spend the next couple of months confined to a cubicle. Boring as it may sound, I like to plan my holidays in advance with ample time set aside for activities such as scuba diving, writing assignments and infinite relaxation. Indulging in one outdoor activity a day, I utilized the afternoons to tax my creative juices before exploring local cuisines and dinner spreads.


While admiring my well appointed room, I stepped onto the untarnished sands and casually strolled towards the turquoise-shaded, glistening oceanic water. That’s when it struck me.

The idyllic beachy paradise I had been so passionately seeking all this time was right here. The magical realm of picturesque beauty was Seychelles indeed!

Picture: www.10wallpaper.com
Picture: www.10wallpaper.com

Swimmer or not, I would definitely recommend scuba diving or, at the bare minimum, snorkeling along the Seychelles coastline, especially since the clear waters allow for unparalleled views of the aquatic flora and fauna. Dolphins, turtles and other aquatic species are just a few captivating sights you could never experience otherwise.

When I needed my relaxation at the end of a long day, the  Silhouette Spa was an excellent choice. Carved in rock and built around the sprawling jungles, the spa coupled with the swaying palm trees outside the window almost entirely rejuvenated my aching spirit in all of 60 minutes.

Picture: www.holidays-travel.com
Picture: www.holidays-travel.com

Falling in love with Silhouette Island, Seychelles is not an option. If you’re not charmed yet, walk back from the spa and look for nature’s finest architecture. Pristine white sands give way to blue ocean waters, with black rocks dotting the brilliant white landscape.

Three years since I last stepped on that paradisiacal beach, but not even the most stunning of wallpapers compare to the idyllic sun, sand and Seychelles.