Music That Should Be On Every Traveller’s Playlist

Are you out on your long awaited vacation? Whether you’re travelling by planes and trains or hitting the road, you want to make this memorable. Well,music maketh the memories, does it not? Here are five suggestions to lend your ears to on this vacation. Sound from these acts will surely seize your senses away from the background clutter and help you make memories to dwell in later on.

1. Sigur Rós

If you like to listen to post rock,you already would know about them. An Icelandic band from the capital city of Reykjavík,they play the most unearthly tunes. Their music just flows through your mind naturally. Their lyrics for most of the part are gibberish which they call Volenska. Their music makes so much sense that you can interpret Volenska according to how you feel while listening to it. This makes listening to them much more interesting. One should start by listening to their 1999 album  Ágætis byrjun. Be ready to be taken aback into a state of eargasmic bliss with it.

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Those who’ve heard Jimmy Page on guitar with a violin bow,ready to hear something completely different from the combination. The surreal songs of them are bound to keep you from getting bored in the ‘travelling’ part of your vacation and transport you to a ethereal destination.

Explosions in the sky,Luna,God in an Astronaut are some other bands producing similar tranquil sound.

2. Black Lab

This is for all the Alternate rock lovers who like listening to bands like Pearl Jam,Goo Goo Dolls,The Smashing Pumpkins etc . They come from Berkeley,California playing some dark and broody songs. Their lyrics are contemplative and the music engaging. Their sound is a nice change from the commercial alternate sound. They’ve actually decided to part their ways with record labels and have independently released three albums. They incorporate instruments like piano and cello into their songs. One can start by listening to their first acoustic venture Unplugged from 2011 or their third LP Passion Leaves a Trace from 2007.

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Songs such as This Night will leave you wanting to keep hitting the repeat button just once more. With excellent vocals by Paul Durham and Sitar playing playing by Andy Ellis this band produces some fine and superb music.

Listening to Black Lab will surely take your attention from the surrounding chatter and noise during your journey. What else is the best time to indulge in your own thoughts and explore your subconscious. Their meaningful songs will help you discover yourself and put you on a different journey.

3. Silk Route and Mohit Chauhan

This is an honest to God music producing band. Everyone knows Mohit Chauhan from it and it had earned some repute back in it’s days but sadly it disbanded in 2002. They never saw large scale commercial success apart from scoring soundtracks for movies such as Kalpana Lajmi’s “Kyon”, “Lets Enjoy” and “Urf Professor”. The sound is heavily influenced from folk Himanchali music whilst also the band confesses of their inspiration from acts such as Sting, Simon & Garfunkel and Dire Straits. The band with it’s unique set of instruments such as clarinet,talking drums,harmonica made music that sounds essentially Indian. One can start listening to them from their debut album Boondain from 1994 or Pehchaan from 2000. Mohit Chauhan’s solo album Fitoor from 2009 is an outstandingly genuine piece of art. Every song from it is definitely going to leave you with a serene mind.


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Many of the songs are actual Himanchali folk songs covered in a different style. They talk about the beauty of travel and nature in their songs. Such music will leave you excited and encouraged for your journey. Songs like ‘Mai Ni Meriye’ and ‘Babaji’ leave an imprint that makes you want to hear them more. You can hear the roar of the river coming down from the mountains and the soothing silence of the hills in their music,a must for travellers.

4. Shpongle

This is from where the sweet nectar of Progressive Psy Trance springs, bringing everything around it to life. This act is made up by the duo of Simon Posford and Raja Ram. If you listen to any kind of electronic psy music, you must know them as the holy fathers of the wide psy trance genre. Shpongle plays a different sound from trance and enters into the realm of ambient music, they are known as founders of the psybient genre. Both of these men are geniuses at what they do and together they create music that fires up every neuron in your cortex.

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They make music using various instruments and equipments making a masterpiece built upon layers and layers of instrumentation. Frankly one can start listening to them by picking up any of their album, each one of it has a different story to tell. Tracks such as Divine Moment of Truth, Brain in a fish tank are guaranteed to make your conscious expand. The ambient sounds recorded in there will surely tingle the bottom of your spine.

With such clever tracks mixed with love you will never find yourself bored in the journey. Every sound from them is guaranteed to make your brain cells tickle and wave you off to a land of blissful awareness. Company of Shpongle will surely enhance the experiences of your travel.

5. Liquid Tension Experiment

This is a Progressive Metal supergroup which is not currently active. Members include Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess and Tony Levin. With such names coming together, the experiment was bound to give astounding results. This is the atom bomb of progressive metal waiting to annihilate everything else. The tracks are completely instrumental with heavy jazz influences.

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The quantity of music produced by them is limited, so one can listen to whole of their work while travelling. One should move through the four albums chronologically, it will help them hear and appreciate the differences made from the previous style and line up. Tony Levin on the Chapman Stick here is something everyone with a fascination towards guitar cannot miss.

It might come off as too strong for many but  if you listen to some metal/rock with progressive elements it is something you can’t miss. For the rest,you should try and bear it for sometime before changing artists. This music contains every instrument played to perfection with almost no vocals. An instrumental masterpiece,this is bound to keep you hooked forever if you give it sometime. Like all classics they need some time to be appreciated by the listener but once hooked every other genre of metal/rock might be forever ruined for you. This one will surely have you in high spirits and banging your head throughout your journey.