Spirited Away: Top 10 Bizarre Themed Bars Around the World!

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Having one too many drinks at a bar is like having a bad relationship. It begins with you sinking in its arms and ends with you in the sink. However that might be, we are but creatures of passion, living in transient moments that make up Life. Carpe diem, as they say! But I am rambling and the weekend is almost here. So, if liquor is your poison, go check out these uber-cool themed bars around the world that would leave you thirsting for more!

Museum HR Giger Bar, Switzerland:

HR Giger Bar, Theme Bar, Bar, Switzerland

source: redamnesia.wordpress.com

Located inside the HR Giger Museum, this theme lounge is an extension of the swiss surrealist artist Hans Ruedi Giger’s work in the movie Alien. The interior wall and ceiling conjoins to form one unified and grotesque skeletal structure that has got all the elements of a regular sci-fi movie.

With decor like that, you might just end up believing that we are not alone, after all!

HR Giger Bar, Theme Bar, Bar, Switzerland

source: flickr.com

Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den, Minneapolis:

zombie bar, theme bar, bars, minneapolis bars,  donny dirk's,

source: gallivant.com

It’s Zombie Resurrection Day at this zombie-themed joint, where bartenders are dressed as zombie hunters and the waitresses as Morticia Addams (remember The Addams Family?). With a rotating zombie-themed cocktail menu and an eerie chainsaw hanging in a glass case, this classy and unique bar is THE place to make a last stand, in the unlikely scenario of a zombie apocalypse.

They are back from the dead and ready to party!

donny's zombie bar, zombie bar, theme bars, bars, minneapolis bars

source: scottkenemore.com

Ice Bar, Sweden:

icebar, icehotel, sweden icebar, absolut ice bar, theme bars, bars

source: icehotel.com

Ice Bars might be a fad right now, but the original Absolut Ice Bar at the Ice Hotel in Sweden still beats the rest by a mile. The interior is sculpted entirely out of ice, which changes patterns every year, as the sculptor go through the blocks with chainsaws and hammers. With the bars, the stools, the walls and even the glasses carved to mimic diamonds, it’s a place that should feature in every alcoholic’s bucket list.

Freezing cool, isn’t it?

<img class="wp-image-3501" src="http://i2.wp.com/blog.guesthouser.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/icebar_1.jpg?resize=450%2C300" alt="icebars, sweden ice bar, absolute ice bar, theme bars, bars" srcset="http://i2.wp.com/blog.guesthouser.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/icebar_1.jpg?resize=450%2C300 1140w, http://blog.guesthouser.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/icebar_1-300×200.jpg 300w, http://blog .guesthouser.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/icebar_1-1024×684.jpg 1024w, http://blog.guesthouser.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/icebar_1-760×507.jpg 760w, http://blog.guesthouser.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/icebar_1-550×367.jpg 550w” sizes=”(max-width: 450px) 100vw, 450px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ />

source: icehotel.com

Madame Claude, Berlin:

madame claude, bars, theme bars, bars in brothels, berlin bars

source: madameclaude.de

Scratching at the darker side of Berlin is Madame Claude, a pub housed in a former brothel. But what is more eccentric is its quirky “Bottoms-Up” themed apartment which can really boggle your mind when you get a bit too high-spirited. Additionally, if music is your thing, you can check out their concert venue in the basement, where new age musicians perform their original compositions for your benefit.

Bottoms Up, anyone?

madame claude bar, berlin bars, bars in berlin, theme bars, bars,

source: madameclaude.de

The Red Sea Star, Israel:

underwater bars, red sea bar, theme bars, bars, drinking like a fish

source: fpsbutest.wordpress.com

Not many places on earth will give you the luxury of underwater debauchery. Thankfully, there are still those kindred souls who think of the drunken minions. With a marine-themed interior and window panels that look out to the Red Sea, this pub captures the essence of maritime life tastefully.

So if your Saturday night motto is to drink like a fish, this is the place to be.

underwater bars, theme bars, red sea bar, bars, drinking like a fish

source: placehunt.co

Insert coin(s) video game arcade bar, Las Vegas:

video game arcade bar, las vegas gaming bar, theme bars, bars, gaming bars in las vegas

source: redlinegroupllc.com

For those of you hardcore gamers who can’t take their hands off the gaming consoles to get out and get a “social” life, rejoice, ‘cause your saviour is here. This video-game arcade bar located in downtown Las Vegas offers over 50 of the best classic arcade games for free, beside featuring a dance floor, a DJ and some pretty bizarre drinks! If you have the cash to splash, book a VIP booth to get your lascivious hands on the XBOX 360s, PS3s and Nintendo’s with a personal attendant to serve you cocktails of your choice.

Wii would like to play!

video game arcade bar, las vegas, las vegas gaming bar, theme bars, theme bars las vegas, bars, bars las vegas, insert coin(s) las vegas

source: insertcoinslv.com

Das Klo Bar, Berlin:

Das Klo, Toilet bar, theme bar, bars in berlin, bars, the loo

source: reformatt.com

Literally translated as The Loo, this watering hole is your most unique experience and worst nightmare combined. The moment you walk in, you get to experience what “getting flushed down” actually feels like. With water sprayed all over your face, wind blowing from down under, seats shaped after toilet bowls and a spinning table that would never let you put your drink down (you would get the shock of your life if you did), the experience can’t get more real than this. Go for the urine-bottle beer and the house specialty, currywurst, to extend the happy-hours up a notch.

For all males using the seat: Standing is not an option!

toilet theme bars, theme bars berlin, theme bars, bars, bars with toilet seat

source: reformatt.com

Safe House Bar & Grill, Milwaukee:

safe house, safe house bar, milwaukee bar, spy theme bar, theme bars, bars

source: uwmllc.blogspot.in

If Bond is the name of your game, then you should probably head straight to the Safe House Bar & Grill in MiIwaukee. Cover your tracks like a pro and go down a nondescript alley through the secret door for a covert Saturday night operation. Like all safe houses, you need a password to get through this door too, but if you are still in denial, get an entry after completing a frivolous task set by the doorman. The game is just the beginning for first timers, so go ahead and enjoy the spy-themed souvenirs and collectibles, the secret passages and the “Unique Martini” that is shaken and not stirred.

Mission: I M Possible!!

safehouse, safe house bar, theme bars milwaukee, bars, bars in milwaukee, spy theme bars

source: thewalkingtourists.com

Vowz Bar, Tokyo:

spiritual bars, religious bars, theme bars, bars, bars in tokyo, buddhist bars in tokyo, religious bars in tokyo

source: curtindoojapao.com

Who says spirits and spirituality doesn’t mix? Head to the Vowz Bar in Tokyo to be served a side dish of religious sermons by buddhist monks, while sipping on to some enticing cocktails. A brain child of Japanese buddhist monk Yoshinobu Fujioka, this place has been connecting the members of the faith for over 15 years. While this may not sound like your usual hangout for Saturday night fun, their loyal clientele loves to come here and “levitate” with their menu of original cocktails that comes in religion inspired names like Perfect Bliss, Nirvana in the Pure Land and Burning in Hell.

Take your vows now!

vowz bar, religious bar, buddhist bar, theme bars, bars, bars in japan, theme bars in tokyo

source: tokyoing.net

Storm Crow Tavern, Canada:

theme bars, bars, bars in vancouver, geek bars,  geek theme bars

source: vancouvermom.ca

Vancouver’s infamous Nerd Bar has modelled their menu after a Dungeons & Dragons booklet. If that’s not enough reason for you to head to this place, they have an amazing collection of beers and a massive shelf of board games that would keep your weekend busy. A wall full of nerdy memorabilia, like battle-axes and swords, this place is equipped with every pop culture sci-fi legend that you can bring to mind.

Game for some nerdy fun?

geek bars, nerd bars, geek theme bars in vancouver, theme bars, bars, bars in vancouver

source: boredinvancouver.com

From Aliens to Nerds, we have covered them all; and these themed bars are all the excuse you need to make your weekend high on spirits.  So go ahead and pour yourself a large one, if you will, but don’t forget to keep your wits about you for that trippy little encounter! Cheers!

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