Still Wondering Where to Go This Long Weekend? Here’s Our 10 Picks For You!

Weekend getaways

“Where should I go for a quick vacation?”

Doesn’t this phrase sound familiar to the ear? Whether you’re working or not, you deserve a break from mundane urban life once in a while. The unbearably hot and humid summer is receding, making this the perfect time to travel. Let’s not forget the long weekend that is coming up in October!

Thanks to Delhi’s geographical location, it is surrounded by populous and offbeat holiday destinations that has something for everyone, whether you are a nature lover, a history buff or an adventure junkie.

Here are our ten picks for weekend getaways from Delhi:

1. Varanasi

Varanasi, guide to Varanasi, travel to Varanasi

Why: The city’s spectacular culture and blinding colors, its amusing yet intoxicating customs are what attracts tourists from across countries while the side-walk sadhus make for the photographer’s favorite.
For an unforgettable experience, be a witness to the grandest depiction of Ramayan (Ramnagar Ramlila) staged at small theaters scattered across the city. With thousands of pilgrims and spectators each year, there’s nothing like travelling to Varanasi during this time.

Distance: 646 Kms

Tips:  Stay for the closing aarti that will leave you spellbound.

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Rishikesh, things to do in Rishikesh

2. Rishikesh

Why: With the autumn wind setting in, Rishikesh turns into the perfect abode for adrenaline junkies. Up for some adventure? Go for  river rafting, bungee jumping and paragliding. Rishikesh is also populated with numerous yoga and meditation centers if peace of mind is what you are after. The famous Beatles ashram, after years of neglect is finally getting renovated and will be open as a Beatles museum soon. Good reason to head there, don’t you think?

Distance: 231 Kms

Tips: Try the famous 60’s Beatles Café. Sit on the porch and enjoy your evening. Tap your feet to the old Beatles classics playing in the background.

Where to stay:

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3. Udaipur

Why: Tagged as ‘The most romantic spot on the continent of India’ by East India Company’s first Political Agent – James Tod in 1829, the words still hold true. From the beautiful palaces and monuments over-viewing the pristine blue Pichola Lake, the unruffled leisurely boat ride, the old-world feel of its bustling bazaars, the art that seems to speak of its history and the chance to explore the countryside on horseback, all add to its charm.
Distance: 688 kms

Tips: Take a boat ride and open yourself to contemplation if you desire. Don’t ignore the beautiful evening view though, of the sunset over the lake.

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4. Jim Corbett National Park

Why: If you are a nature lover and prefer watching animals in the open, take the jeep or elephant safari and try your luck at spotting the big striped cats. Asia’s first national park initiated to conserve the endangered tigers still stands as the most visited wildlife destination in India. Abode to other rare species of flora and fauna as well, spend a laid back weekend watching the birds, river rafting or sit by the waterfall and enjoy the tranquil beauty of nature.

Distance: 240 kms

Tips: Borrow a bicycle and explore the place. Don’t miss out on any chance to make the best out of your trip.

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Skiing in Manali, Manali, weekend getaway to Manali

5. Manali

Why: Everyone’s favorite hill-station attracts both domestic and foreign tourists for its sundry of snow activities. Although frequented year round, September kick-starts the onset of snowfall which opens up a variety of sporting options – skiing being the most sought after, that unfailingly attracts thousands of tourists every year. Located 3.2 kilometers away from Manali is the hot spring village of Vashist. Hike from Manali and take a dip at one of these famous springs which claims to have healing powers.
Distance: 570 kms

Tips: If you love the thrill of adventure, join the Manali-Kullu-Rohtang trekking group for a chilling experience.

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Bundi, Rajasthan, Sightseeing in Bundi, weekend getaway to Bundi

6. Bundi, Rajasthan

Why: From the maze like lanes and narrow passages, the mesmerizing temples and royal architecture built atop the hillside overlooking the city, this place has left many enchanted. The city is also replete with steep well reservoirs popularly called Baoris, adding to the city’s charm. The perfect place to be for history buffs, this small town for a long time stood as a battleground for political  power between the British, Rajputs and the Marathas.

Distance: 475 kms

Tips: Don’t forget to take a little detour from the main city, book a rickshaw and explore the countryside. Perfect it by having a local as your guide.

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Nainital, weekend getaways from Delhi, boat-ride in Nainital

7. Nainital

Why: Naini Lake dotted with colorful boats and surrounded by lush green tropical forest is what marks out Nainital for a lot of people. Spend your evening on a boat ride with a camera in your hand to capture the quaint beauty of the place. Also find elaborate mansions and heritage buildings that the place has inherited since the colonial era.

Distance: 278 kms

Tips: Sightseeing and boating is not the only option that this place offers. Don’t forget to try your hand at golf and learn a few wacky tips from the friendly locals who are enthusiastic golfers.

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Ajmer, Ajmer Sharif, weekend getaways

8. Ajmer

Why: From the famous shrine of Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti, the Golden Jain temple, Mughal architecture with beautiful carvings and the tranquil Ana Sagar lake, this small city we all read about in our history classes is deeply seeped in history. The magnificent monuments are witness to it. Book a guide and take a step back in history or go for a leisurely boat ride.

Distance: 416 kms

Tips: Whether or not you like Sufi music, the Qawwali in the famous Dargah is not to miss.

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Mcleodgunj, Shiva Cafe, Bhagsu Cafe, Triund hills

9. McLeod Ganj

Why: A mini Tibet with Dalai Lama’s residence, the welcoming faces of the locals, the buzzing markets populated with a range of inexpensive and marvelous cafes catering to different tourists is what sums up this place. The trek to Triund hill and Shiva Cafe located on a hill is on many visitor’s top list of ‘what not to miss’ in McLeod.

Distance: 475 kms

Tips: Take home some local wine as souvenir for those who missed a treat visiting the place.

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Amritsar, Golden temple, Wagah Worder, weekend getaways

10. Amritsar

Why: Home to what many have described as the best place if you are seeking for peace, which is almost impossible in the fast-paced urban lifestyle, the Golden temple has a unearthly aura woven around it. Feed the golden fish and drift away to another world with Gurbani playing in the background. The list does not end here. Revisit Jallianwala Bagh and witness the much talked about parade at Wagah Border.

Distance: 452 kms

Tips: Leave early and save seats for a  perfect view of the parade or you’ll regret not having done so.

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Whether you want to travel solo, with your best friends or with family, the capital is surrounded by hill stations and short hour drive destinations that makes weekend getaway possible with several places to choose from. Off- beat or niche, it’s not possible to list down all possible weekend getaways for the list goes on. Tell us your favorite getaway and what it is that you opened your heart to in the comment section.