Tale of the Aimless Drifter: Houseboats of India

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The lush landscape of Kerala, smelling faintly of spices and coffee is renowned for its white sandy beaches, authentic Malabar cuisine and beautiful backwaters. The romantic backwaters of Alappuzha (Alleppey) is one of the more famous tourist spots in God’s own country and offers travellers a temporary respite from the maddening bustle of city life.

rent a houseboat with GUESTHOUSER.COM and Drift through the innumerable lagoons, inland lakes and interconnected canals.

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Luxurious four bed-room House boat in Alappuzha

Explore the rural life of the backwaters as you pass its distant villages, dotted with local fishermen, proudly displaying their fresh catch,  green paddy fields, ancient temples and churches. Don’t even think about holing up in your cabin; Houseboats are all about shared minds and proactive imaginations, whether you are travelling solo, with your significant other or with your crazy group of friends.

But above all, remember to capture the essence of time as you float through these calm lagoons.

Houseboats, houseboats in India, Keral a Houseboats, Houseboats in Aleppuzha
Scrumptious Meals in the Houseboat, cooked up for you by our experienced chefs
Endowed with all modern facilities and promising a peep into the kaleidoscopic life of the rural backwaters, this houseboat accommodates all modern conveniences such as sun decks, dining rooms, bedrooms, uninterrupted water supply, a well-stocked kitchen and skilled crew who ensure you have a sumptuous meal and an experience that stays with you.
From Houseboats to Tree Houses, GuestHouser.com gives you a myriad options of vacation homes to choose from.
houseboats, houseboats in India, kerala houseboats, Alappuzah houseboats
Mesmerizing view on the sundeck

The waterway, usually bustling with traffic from the fishing boats and passenger vessels, is the mainstay in the harmonic lifestyle of these simple people. On the narrow brackets of land existing between the paddy fields and the waterways, you would find cottages with steps that lead down to the lagoon. While drifting through these picturesque villages, you would perchance come upon women washing their clothes on the river banks or sending off their kids to school in “school boats”. Come sunset, the Houseboat is docked and you could ask for a canoe cruise, and sail through the narrow channels. Or you can simply bask in the the last rays of the setting sun while enjoying your coffee on the sundeck.

At night, the lagoon is sprinkled with white magic, as the calm rays of the moon twinkles and shimmers in the water below, radiating a picture of tranquil serenity.

houseboats, houseboats in India, Kerala Houseboats, Alappuzha Houseboats
Your evening dinner on the sun deck

Not so long ago, booking local accomodation, while on holiday used to be an erratic game at best, with no guarantee of the simpler pleasures of life – like crisp sheets and clean towels. At present, of course, we are living in a world of unlimited possibilities; A world where it is considered okay to spend crazy money during the course of a single week at a villa in the Caribbean or a mansion in Macao to party with your best friends. But now thankfully, there are smarter, more astute money-saving vacation rentals available with GuestHouser.com; an option that you can call home whenever you travel.

In every houseboat you book with GuestHouser.com, there would be a three member crew consisting of a driver, assistant and a cook who would be available to accommodate all your travel needs during your stay.

houseboats, houseboats in India, kerala houseboats, alappuzha houseboats
Sleep in the lap of luxury

You would now be able to gleefully tick mark the must-visit destinations off your travel list, with our extensive options of vacation homes that caters to all kind of travellers – whether you wish to save or splurge. Our team handpicks every vacation rental, which means we might not offer a million options, but the ones we do are personally curated by us. Check out our other alternative accommodation options at  GuestHouser.com, the local way to stay!

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