The Earth is Greener on St Patrick’s Day.

The globe knows two shades- emerald and green, mirth and merriment, a reason to feast and dance! It definitely sounds like St Patrick’s Day round the corner. This national festival has spread itself beyond the Irish diaspora and as they hail, “Everyone’s Irish on March 17”, let us all be a part of the big festivity in ways more than one.

Know a gist of its History & Tradition

We have read, heard and known that St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in the honor of St Patrick, marking his death date on March 17. Thats just not it though.

We have the shamrock, the fable of Leprachaun and so many customs associated which shall bring you an inch closer to the fiesta.

Go Green

The colour green has been considered as harbinger of luck and spirit ever since St Patrick used Shamrock to impart how the leaves of young cloves signify ‘Father’, ‘Son’ and ‘ The Holy Spirit’. So we know the rules, right?

There is just one. Pull out whatever is green in the closet, dye your poison green, add a little green to your food or you could just accessorize yourself with green. Remember, Green is the theme!

Greet the old school way

St Patrick’s Day is all about bringing your creative side out and making sure there are enough reasons to be happy. Be it garbed up as a leprachaun and walk on the streets or simply follow the tradition of making greeting cards for neighbours, wishing them a ‘Happy St Patrick’s Day’, they’re all great ideas to celebrate.

Take out a paper, some green/orange crayons and come up with bright ideas to surprise your neighbours with that gesture they were totally not expecting from you.

Family First

Everyone, take a day off. Play (or learn how to play)  the Green Guessing Game. Cook Irish food, bake shamrock whoopie pies for dessert and make Pot o’gold for cocktails. Have a hearty family feast while Irish soundtracks play in the background.

Follow the tradition of planting pea trees afterwards. Wish “Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona ar” to each other in all the wrong accents and be laughed upon cause it’s family, after all!

Get your Sport shoes on

Are you one of those smitten with sports? St.Patrick’s Day has a lot  in store for you too. Watch ‘St Patrick’s Day Test’, the rugby league tournament played between the US and Ireland.

Balmain RugbyClub
Balmain RugbyClub

In fact, why not just book a ticket and be a part of the crazy crowd at Dublin where the All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship is held each year on St Patrick’s Day?

The Parade

Go “Happy Paddy Day” with pomp and show. Get on the streets, be a part of the historic parade at Dublin or Boston and experience the frenzy.

Witness the high spirited crowd come on road to showcase their revelry. Look around to find hues of green and emerald surmount the lanes of countries where parades are held.

The Customs

Participate in big and small events from around the World that celebrate all things Irish. Hop on to the East side of the bridge at Columbus to see the Chicago River turn into a perfect emerald from orange during the  customary River dyeing festival. Attend the Emerald Ball at Auckland or the Singapore Ball at Boat Quay and experience grandiose.

For a simpler celebration, go to Trafalgar Square in London where you have an artisan Irish food market, comedy and film festivals, children’s activities, music and dance.Conversely, visit The Gateway of India at Mumbai or The Gate of Gorky Park in Russia and witness the famous landmarks turning green.


Save the Best for the Last

Finally, do what you know St Patrick’s Day the best for. Hunt for the most fitting deal (the amazing ‘Happy Hours offer day’ is here), go to the most vibrant place, drink, dance and commemorate. If you’re looking for a bigger Paddy Day party, there’s no better place to be than at Buenos Aires in Argentina.

The Water Poet in London, Bricks and Barrels Hartamas in Kuala Laumpur, Monkey Bar at New Delhi, The Irish House in Mumbai, Toit in Bangalore and so many more from around the globe are set to pay homage to St.Patrick’s on this day.

So stick to the theme, get on the streets, feel Irish on March 17 and make sure you dwell into exuberance . Do all that it takes to make the Earth look greener on St Patrick’s Day!








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