Top 7 Wreck Sites Across The Globe

It is said that we know more about the surface of the moon than what is at the bottom of the ocean. Ships have been the key to exploration and technological development. The dangers lurking below just add to the drama for a diver and that what makes diving wrecks so popular across the world. Curious to know just how many shipwrecks are underwater ? It is estimated that there are a million shipwrecks underwater now. With 95 percent of the ocean still undiscovered, we have just about managed to scratch the surface of the number of wrecks spread all over and a there is a high probability that a wreck diver may stumble on a new wreck at some point.

1. S.S. President Coolidge – USA

Known for being the world’s largest and most accessible wreck, this ocean liner is popular amongst divers from across the world. The difficulty level varies for different parts of this wreck vary from beginner to expert making this wreck ideal for beginners and well seasoned divers alike.

From starting out as a luxury ocean liner in 1931 and then being designated  a troopship, SS Coolidge has a whole lot of history and a variety of areas to explore.

Picture : Avatar Logs

2. Rainbow Warrior/Sir William hardy – UK

The ship was actively supporting the cause of anti –nuclear testing by the French in the early 1980’s. Rainbow Warrior was sunk by operatives of the French intelligence service in 1985 in Auckland Harbor (New Zealand) when they detonated two bombs on it. This trawler was scuttled in the year 1987  and now serves as a dive wreck and artificial reef.

Picture : Masasoft

3. Skeleton coast – Namibia

Also known as the “The Land God Made in Anger”, .Thousands of ship wrecks are scattered along this coast which starts from the north of Atlantic ocean coast of Namibia and stretches to the south of Angola. These wrecks serve as one of the best wreck sites in the world because of the rich variety of wildlife alongwith the sheer number of ships that are partially/completely covered by sand.

Picture : Pixshark

4. Whydah Gally – UK

The first authenticated pirate shipwreck ever to be discovered with only two survivors – it started its life in London as a trade ship. It was captured by a pirate crew led by Sam Bellamy in the year 1717. In a few months, due to strong gale winds, Whydah was sunk off the coast of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Whydah managed to elude discovery for over 260 years before being discovered in the year 1984.

The discovery of over two hundred thousand artifacts which include over ten thousand coins, 400 pieces of gold jewelery & sixty cannons, this wreck site is a treat for divers across the world.

Picture : Letribunaldunet

5. Fujikawa Maru – Japan

Often regarded as the best scuba diving site in Truk Lagoon the most amazing features on the wreck are the four disassembled Mitsubishi fighter aircraft in one of the forward holds which is a sight to behold.

Launched in 1938 by the Japanese Navy during World War II it was wrecked due to heavy torpedo attacks by the US bombers in the year 1944.

Picture : Iliketowastemytime

6. SS Yongala – Australia

Launched in 1903 as a passenger ship. She was sunk during a cyclone carrying over 100 passengers with no survivors in the year 1911. The wreck of Yongala is 358 feet in length & it has been established as an  artificial reef  for a wide variety of marine life.

Picture : divingdudesdownunder
Picture : divingdudesdownunder

7. U.S.S. Kittiwake – USA

In 2011, this ship was sunk off Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile beach. The highlight of this ship is that it has two re-compression chambers along with an artificial diving bell. The Kittiwake is perfect for divers with a little or no experience because accessing this ship was made easy by removing all of the doors before it was sunk.

Picture : Reddit
Picture : Reddit

Go ahead, pick your favourite wreck site, take a deep breath and let us know what you find!