Tree houses that make you swoon!

These tree houses are so cool, they’ll make you go Woo! Look on to see what we’re talking about!

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Earthy charm

Use of eco-friendly material is evident.

Chill out by the pool, under the thick cover of trees.

Get your dose of Vitamin D, while you lie back on a hammock and sway slowly through the languid day.

The property acquires a magical quality by night.

Take a much-needed dip in the water, as nature reveals herself in all her glory!

Constructed on a 300-year old tree that emits emery from its roots, this place promises to bring you close to nature.

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Lonavala, Maharashtra

Situated 35-40 ft up, these tree houses in Lonavala are sure to make you go “Oooo!”

Old-world charm abounds in the tasteful interiors.

Take a relaxing soak in this olden clawfoot bathtub.

Dappled sunshine plays with the earthy interiors, as the outdoors exude serenity.

Cosy up with friends and family over some laughter and conversation!

Lie back and let your eyes feast on the glorious uninterrupted views of the luxuriant greenery of the surroundings.

Nothing but green, as far as the eyes can see.

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Seoni, Madhya Pradesh

Perch yourself atop this rather artistic tree house, nestled in the strong branches of an old tree!

The bedroom bears numerous artistic accents, giving you luxury in a unique setting.

There is creativity on display everywhere!

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Munnar, Kerala

Set in the midst of a luxuriant tea garden, this one promises lots of romance!

The interiors are well-appointed to ensure you are more than comfortable.

When you wake up to a view like this, is there much else you need?

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Idukki, Kerala

Lose yourself in the mountain foliage, with no one to disturb you for miles!

Cosy up in these comfy interiors for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Step out into the balcony and mesmerise your senses with the gorgeous view.

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 Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Set amidst a large orchard of apples, plum, pear, walnut etc., this tree house promises you a memorable vacation in the mountains!

Swing away your blues on the garden swing in the lush garden.

The room in the tree house offers panoramic views of the majestic mountains!

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Munnar, Kerala

Secluded and far from the hustle of your life in the city, this is the perfect escape.

Carpeted flooring, a plush bed appointed with fancy bed linen, a flatscreen LCD TV, and wood-panelled interiors create an aura of quiet charm.

Hidden deep in the woods, this one is perfect if you want no one to find you, as you escape reality!

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Wayanad, Kerala

The warm interiors of this tree house, enhanced by the warm lighting, are enough to make you want to stay far longer than you planned!

Curl up with a cuppa and a book, right here, all day!

Some old-world charm to keep you company while you admire the view of the lush forest.

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Thrissur, Kerala

Escape to this gorgeousness in Thrissur, with it circular façade and thatched roof, the place gives you a great view of the waterfall in the vicinity.

The bedroom flaunts walls fabricated from woven bamboo, and there is no compromise on the comfort.

Unwind with a good book, a hot cup of cocoa, and your favourite person right here, while the waterfall plunges in the distance.

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Jaipur, Rajasthan

Nestled in the thick of tropical greenery and a variety of shrubbery and trees, these tree houses provide you with a getaway that is sure to keep you mesmerised in its vistas.

With a plush bed that boasts finial posts, tall bedside lamps, and a few antique pieces of furniture, this tree house will transport you back to the days of yore.

A personal little nook, with a tall palm for company, and the green outdoors a sight for sore eyes.

Your wish for some solace will come alive here, with this gazebo in the midst of a man-made lake and waterfall providing a rather soothing and rejuvenating area.

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 Umaria, Madhya Pradesh

You don’t get a standpoint better than this one, which gives you a generous hope of a glimpse of the Royal Bengal tiger prowling about at night.

The perfect perch for a chilled-out time with your travel companion(s)!

Decked with a cushy four-poster bed, lay-z boy sofas, and breezy curtains, this tree house is a mighty stunning abode settled in the heart of real wilderness.

The interiors leave nothing wanting. Teak flooring and walls, the rustic four-poster bed fabricated from tree barks, and lanterns for lighting all add up to create a surreal vibe.

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Wayanad, Kerala

Hidden away in a dense tropical grove, this tree house is entirely fabricated out of bamboo and locally grown redwood.

Apt for luxury travellers looking for downtime in a nature cove, this accommodation ensures absolute privacy courtesy its remote location. A small natural waterfall pool lies close to the tree house where you can have a field day splashing about in its cool and fresh waters.

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