Wacky Things Dads Do, and Why We Love Them for It

1. Teaching us how to drive
RPK Tramplin

2. Always giving a word or two of advice, but having our back when it counts

3. “Save for a rainy day”

“Don’t blow your money as soon as you get it”. Sounds familiar? While the age-old struggle for more allowance continues, this is some of the best advice we’ve ever gotten. Now if only we could actually follow it.

4. They give us everything we want (and more)

Though every request normally starts with a firm ‘NO’! Dads never turn down their kids, no matter what they ask for, whether it’s an Xbox, a DJI drone, jewellery, the moon perhaps?

5. They’re a source of wisdom on all things worldly

6. The Infamous Dad Jokes

At least once in your life, you’ve come home from a party thinking you were going to be grounded, only to be let off with a mild question about whether it was fun or not. While fathers are famously overprotective, they actually let you get away with a lot.

8. The Trademark Line

“When are you going to grow up?”, “Have you done that thing I told you to?”, “Start studying”, “When I was your age…”, sound familiar? Well, they should. Every dad has a trademark line and while nobody likes being reminded of the things they have pending, you’d be surprised how much you’d miss these lines if they stopped coming.

9. Knowing Everything About You

Even if your dad isn’t the sort to ask what you’ve been up to, you can bet he knows. For some reason though, you can’t stay mad at him for it. Maybe it’s because you know that there aren’t too many people out there who care enough to go to such lengths for you.

10. They’ve been there, done that

If you’re trying to pull a fast one on your dad, you’re a thousand years too early. Bunking class to hang out with friends, epic nights out, frustrations and disappointments; they’ve been through it all. So take their advice. It’s for the best.

At the end of the day, our dads are awesome. Whether it’s sharing a drink or just the amazing experience of a long drive somewhere, nothing beats the great moments we’ve had with our fathers, and we love them just the way they are. So here’s wishing all of you dads a Happy Father’s Day!